Frequently Asked Questions

Order Status Details

Order Confirmed: Your order has been received but payment and is awaiting payment confirmation.

Waiting for Payment: Your order can not be processed because your payment has not been confirmed. Your order will be automatically cleared if payment is not made within 24 hours of ordering.

Payment Confirmed : Payment has been confirmed and will be shipped soon.

Order shipped:
Your order has left the warehouse and can be tracked under 'My Orders'.

Order Completed:
Your order has been delivered and has been correctly accepted by you or by a designated recipient.

Order Cancellation

You can cancel your order at any time before it leaves our warehouse by contacting Customer Care or under 'My Orders'. In some cases, it may not be possible to cancel your order (example: orders that have been customized for you). Please contact our Customer Care or click on 'Returns/Replacements' in the 'My Orders' section for more information.

Track Your Order

Once your order leaves our warehouse, we will send you an email. You can track your order by clicking on the link in the email or see track it under 'My Orders'.

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