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Capture Wonder

HONOR 20 PRO The best smartphone of the year, will allow you to capture the wonder of your creativity! A completely redesigned quad camera setup is packed with the latest photography and video technology, allowing you to shoot professional-looking pictures in almost any kind of light. In addition, you will marvel at the all-new Dynamic Holographic design and the HONOR FullView Display, plus you will never miss a moment with the powerful all-day 4000mAh battery.

6.26" HONOR FullView Display 1

Inspiration. Creativity. Wonder.

32MP High-Defination Selfies.4.50mm Ultra-Small In-Screen Camera2.

Honor 20 Pro
HONOR FullView Display1
Honor 20 Pro
In-Screen Camera2

Precision with the Side-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor

Fast and more intuitive than ever before, HONOR 20 PRO is a mobile phone that comes with an integrated side-placement power button with a fingerprint sensor. Unlock your phone in an instant with a single tap.

Fingerprint Scanner

All Eyes Will be On Your Phone!

Made to compliment your style while looking chic in your hand, HONOR 20 PRO’s all-new Dynamic Holographic design creates subtle patterns and highlights that shine and move alongside different lights and shadows in multiple dimension. The latest android smartphone from HONOR will make a fashion icon out of you when you enter any room!

Phantom Blue
Phantom Black

Enjoy Four Pocketable Cameras with Pro-User Ambitions.

Get the picture perfection you want when you own this brand new FullView Display smartphone! With HONOR 20 Pro you will be able to choose between the super wide-angle lens for epic landscape shots, the telephoto lens for ultra-clear zoom, the macro lens for up-close beauty and the standard lens for everyday moments


48MP AI Ultra Clarity

48MP & Beyond

The capabilities of the 48MP camera not only make it the best smartphone camera but they are also further enhanced by the Kirin 980 AI chipset's dual-NPU and dual-ISP. In this mode, every detail is captured with striking clarity even when shot from a distant or high vantage point.

Honor 20 Pro
Honor 20 Pro
Large 1/2" Sensor
Honor 20 Pro
Wide f/1.4 Aperture
Honor 20 Pro
Optical Image

Capture those Moments in Life That Matter

The leading technology used in the 48MP main camera allows it to capture superior image quality, and the all-new 117° Super Wide-Angle lens allows you to fit more into the frame, making shooting scenes such as expansive landscapes or cramped interiors a piece of cake! But that’s not all! With 3x optical zoom, you're able to bring far away subject close or take extreme close-up shots from 4 centimeters away with the macro lens.

Honor 20 Pro
f/1.4 aperture
Honor 20 Pro
Super Wide Angle
Honor 20 Pro
Optical zoom
Honor 20 Pro
Macro distance

4-axis Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)

HONOR 20 PRO features 4-axis OIS on the main camera and telephoto camera that work with the Kirin 980 chip to provide real-time lens compensation to reduce subject motion. Now you can capture stunning blur-free photos and videos in lower light.


Super Night Mode

Capture the Night

The latest android phone from HONOR is also enabled with the Super Night Mode, which is powered by the AIS algorithm, and 4-axis OIS on the main camera allow for crisp, clear, low-light photos even with unwanted hand movements.


Capture the Moon’s Beauty

Another reason that makes this the smartphone with the best technology is the Handheld Moon Shot. This super special mode allows you to capture the beauty of the moon thanks to the 30× digital zoom of the telephoto camera and large 1/2-inch Sony sensor. Best of all, you can do this handheld without the fuss of any extra equipment.


Shaky,blurry videos are a thing of the past

Shoot super smooth videos with no extra stabilizing gear or equipment. HONOR 20 PRO features Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and OIS, which offer superior quality and steady looking videos even in challenging conditions.

Honor 20 Pro
Honor 20 Pro
Honor 20 Pro

Live life and relive memories one frameat a time

HONOR 20 PRO can shoot slow-motion videos at 960 fps (frames per second) in 720p, which means you will experience and relive every bit of action of your memories frame by frame in astonishing detail.


32MP AI selfie camera

HONOR 20 PRO's 32MP high-resolution selfie camera intelligently combines four pixels into one larger pixel for brighter, clearer selfies. The all-new AI beautify, and portrait modes offer shallow depth of field and bokeh effect for stunningly gorgeous and creative results. Your selfies really will bring out the best in you!


The World's First 7nm Mobile AI Chipset

Power Connected to Intelligence


More Speed

More Capacity


4000mAh4 22.5W

HONOR SuperCharge

Up to 50% Charge in as Little as 30 Minutes


GPU Turbo 3.06

With HONOR 20 Pro, you will also play games faster with no more fear of any lag. Powered by a Kirin 980 AI chipset, GPU Turbo 3.0 gives you a full-frame gaming experience


Immersive World of Sound

The all-new virtual 9.1 surround sound in HONOR 20 Pro was created based on the principle of how sound waves travel and interact with human eardrums. Immerse yourself in a world of sound like never before, even from above.


Switch to HONOR  20 PRO Series

You will be able to move all your content to the best smartphone in town seamlessly and securely from your old Android or iOS device in just a few easy steps.



1. The HONOR FullView display refers to the phone’s notch-less narrow-bezel design, which generates an extremely high screen-to-body ratio. Screen size is 6.26" in the full rectangle when measured diagonally.

2. 4.50mm is the diameter, which is based on HONOR internal testing.

3. Compared with the Kirin 970 based on internal testing. Results may vary in different environments.

4. 4000mAh battery is the typical value and 3900mAh is the minimum value.

5. All data is based on results from the HONOR laboratory. Music and video playback times have been tested with earphones only.

6. GPU Turbo 3.0 is a graphics processing technology based on Kirin chips and incorporates both software and hardware interaction. Please be aware that only some games will be supported.


*Product pictures and display content in the foregoing pages are provided for reference only. Actual product features and specifications (including but not limited to appearance, color, and size), as well as actual display content (including but not limited to backgrounds, UI, and icons), may vary.

** All data in the foregoing pages are theoretical values obtained by HONOR internal laboratories through tests carried out under particular conditions. For more information, please refer to the aforementioned product details. Actual data may vary owing to differences in individual products, software versions, application conditions, and environmental factors. All data is subject to actual usage.

*** Due to real-time changes involving product batches, production and supply factors, in order to provide accurate product information, specifications, and features, HONOR may make real-time adjustments to text descriptions and images in the foregoing information pages, so that they match the product performance, specifications, indexes, and components of the actual product. Product information is subject to such changes and adjustments without notice.

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