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1.Timeline xx.xx.2020 till xx.xx.2020. 

2. Log in and start the activity . Slash the price of your [HONOR product, wihch has an original price of XX, and a stock of XX] to start the bargain activity.

3. Share it on Facebook or other social media(by pasting links), then ask your friends to help you slash the price.

4. You could buy the product at the lowest price by inviting friends to slash to that amount[xx€]and you could also buy the products after some slashes if you think the price is acceptable.

5. Your friends could also start their own activity, where they could buy this product at target price as well if they managed to get enough slashes. 

6. The bargain activity will over after the activity period has ended and your purchase price will base on how much slash amount you managede to get

7. You could buy the [HONOR product] at the price you managed to reach in 24 hours after the bargain activity ended.
Tests 4