Get Better at Using Your Phone with Tips

Like many mobile phone users, you might be putting off getting the most out of your phone. But your Honor phone is packed with a world of amazing features. They're out there, waiting for you, and you don't even need to dust off that user guide or go searching online to find them.

Just check out the Tips app (it's right there, already installed). It's a simple, practical, and relevant tool designed to help you get the answers you need. With Tips, you can say goodbye to the kiddie pool, and become an expert in no time.


As soon as you launch the Tips app, you'll be presented with 4 simple categories: Quick tips, Great photos, Smart living, and More tips.

Quick Tips

This category is a quick start guide that covers some of the most popular and easy to use functions and features on your phone.

Great Photos

Your Huawei camera is packed with features, modes, and settings to explore. Get started here, and soon you'll be a pro phone photo.

Smart Living

Your phone lives in the palm of your hand, and exists to make your life easy and fun. Take full advantage of handy features like Gallery, Highlights, Student mode, HiTouch, Eye comfort mode, and more.

More Tips

Missing something? Look no further. Check out this section for a truly comprehensive understanding of all your phone's features.

Make sure to check out HiCare for even more comprehensive info on phone usage techniques, including an exhaustive list of FAQs.

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