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Activity time: April 2nd to April 12th;
2. Participation method: Through the bargaining price of yourself and friends during the event, when the value of the mobile phone is cut to 0 yuan, you will receive a free glory. Play 7A mobile phone. After you have cut the price for your friends, you can re-create your own bargaining activities and invite new friends to participate in bargaining. During the event, you can cut it once and help each friend to bargain once.
3. Prize setting: 1 set of 7A mobile phones with glory and playing, totaling 10 sets;
4, prizes are issued: bargaining success (activity page For the user who shows the successful bidding, please confirm whether the default address of the account is accurate. The prize will be sent out according to the account address of the winning user within 20 working days after the event ends.
5. To protect the rights of users, Huawei The mall will reserve the right to cancel the malicious bargain and issue prizes. More Event Rules