All we need is Love!

6th September, 2018

Won't blame you if there were things dime a dozen that made you want to jump right back to the bed the moment you browsed through your mobile first thing in the morning. Rising fuel prices, falling value of the rupee, miscellaneous atrocities local and global, impending deadlines at the workplace, crappy WhatsApp forwards…….we can just go on! One of those days when everything seems all dull, a monochrome of grey. One more day till Friday, you'd have thought.

But who'd have thought that a bright ray of sunshine, a dazzling ray in all the hues of the rainbow would strike us right at the middle of the day? Who'd have thought that for quite a big proportion of our brothers and sisters, something natural, pure and primal would still need to be ratified by the Supreme Court of the nation? Because wasn't love supposed to be devoid of any limitations and boundaries? Especially in a country of more than 1.2 billion, 29 states and UT, 22 languages, millions of gods, we'd have all thought that we'd be able to accommodate more than 2 sexual orientations. Right?


But then, we digress! Today is not the day to mope over the past. Sure, we shouldn't forget the persecutions that our fellow LGBTQ citizens had to go through. Sure, as the SC judge said, "History owes apology to gay community". But for today we'd just raise a big hurrah for the ones who'll be able to breathe free today. For the ones who'll not be afraid, humiliated and ridiculed. We will hope that Bollywood will stop typecasting the LGBTQ community and the way they express themselves. We will hope that parents in all the parts of the country will start seeing through the blind, baseless prejudices that they heap on their LGBTQ children. Sure, it will take time. It will stand the test of many thorns thrown its way. But then again, we are talking of love triumphing over pain. When was it ever easy?


For today, we celebrate us taking a giant leap towards an adult nation. For today, we just get smile at even the stupidest of WhatsApp jokes. For today is not any other day!